“this is where I want to be, a cozy and seamless space called home”


Be kind whenever possible. In today’s busy world, it’s often hard to find time to share with others.

Would you like to leave gifts for others in public spaces?

Step into Arkana at Synthesis Residence Kemang; an intimate resort focused apartment. You’ll walk through a full spectrum of five-star facilities with the sense of unique Javanese ornaments where you can connect to others in magnificent parks and recreation areas, just minutes from Jakarta’s central business districts.

A little peace of heaven

Offers a romantic getaway with a resort atmosphere in the middle of the city. It provides the intimacy of a home for quality of life. Designed with a unique heritage concept of Javanese wisdom, we grants you the luxury of celebrating peace with ease.

Surrounded by Luxury

This high quality, sophisticatedly decorated apartment provides a very comfortable atmosphere in which to spend your dream holiday.

Luxury Uncompromised

Unit Type

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Welcome to Arkana, new zone at Synthesis Recidence Kemang, a beautiful apartment to recharge your soul.

  • 1 BR
  • 1 BRA – Type A & B
  • 2 BRB
  • 2 BRC – Type A
  • 2 BRC – Type B
  • 3 BRB – Type A
  • 3 BRB – Type B
We understands that you deserve the best

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Lounge / Restaurant
Café & Coffee Shop
24 Hours Security
Bussiness Centre
Gym & Spa
Jogging Track

Site Map

  1. Main Lobby Joglo
  2. Fuction Room
  3. Fish Pond
  4. Kids Pool
  5. Swimming Pool
  6. Open Court
  7. Main Gazebo
  8. Fitness Centre
  9. Sauna
  10. Business Centre
  1. Joging Track
  2. BBQ Area
  3. Reading Pavilion
  4. Plaza
  5. Dining Pavilion
  6. Lagoon Pool
  7. Kids Playground
  8. Yoga Pavilion
  9. Gimnastyc Garden

Our Commitment to Reality

Synthesis Development track record in property dates back to establishment in 1999, initially focused on commercial development. Over to following year, Synthesis Development success enabled it to expand  to redential  property as well. Laveraging its conceptual and project management expertise combined with technical , engineering, Synthesis  Development innovatively persues  high quality projects.


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